Create Your Own CUSTOM Looking Humatar  And Overlay Them as Spokespeople

Over ANY Web Page!

March 31st- April 13th

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To TalkingFaces

Use Our Human Characters To Create More Custom Human

Characters For Any Need – And Overlay Them Over ANY Webpage With Opt-In Forms, Buttons, And More!

Create Your Custom

Spokesperson In Minutes…

Step #1

Select A Human,

Facial Characteristic, & Style

Step #2

Use TTS Or Upload For Voice

(Any Language)

Step #3

Edit Your Call to Action/Coutdown/Settings

Step #4

Enter Your Landing Page URL 

And This Is The Result…

See How TalkingFaces Are Created In Real Time…

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Front End

TalkingFaces Commercial

$27 On WarriorPlus!

• Up to 10 Faces For Reface /Faceswap

• 10 Talking Faces

• 20 Human Voices

• 30 Previews (10 talking faces x 3 previews each)

• Up to 1,000 characters for longer TalkingFaces videos.

• No credits required

• Unlimited videos

• Commercial license - Sell to your clients



$67 On Warrior Plus!

• 47 Actors and future actors (with outfits included - Multiple outfits that fit all niches like nurse, doctor, business outfits, gym outfits etc)

• 50 Extra PRO Real Human Voices

• 141 Previews (47 talking faces x 3 previews each)

• Unlimited Faces For Reface - Create Unlimited Faces

• Future TalkingFaces for one year



$57 On Warrior Plus!

• Upload any voice OR  your own voice / ANY audio in ANY language (your voice is synchronized with perfect lip syncing on TalkingFaces)

• Re-facing, upload any photo for up to 70% re-facing

• Up to 2,000 characters for longer TalkingFaces videos.

• Hide TalkingFaces Branding

• Priority VIP rendering

• Priority Future Software Updates

• HD Quality Humatars



Unlimited ($147/yr) On WarriorPlus!

• Unlimited Sub-Accounts For Your Clients

• DFY Website

• How to Get Clients

High Earners Contest

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For The Entirety Of The Launch - March 31th 11 AM to April 13th 11:59 PM ET

1st - $1500 | 2nd - $750 | 3rd - $250

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For The Entirety Of The Launch - March 31th 11 AM to April 13th 11:59 PM ET

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