Attention: Use REAL Human Spokespeople In Ways You Never Thought Possible…

Customize How REAL Human Spokespeople Look, Interact & Engage With Website Visitors!

Overlay Them on Most Any Website!  •  Create Them in Minutes!  •  Significantly Increase Conversions!

New AI “Re-Facing” Technology

One Click Creates a New “TalkingFace”

Super-Fast & Easy

to Use Interface

(Point & Click)

Create Unlimited

TalkingFaces for One

Low Price

Apply Any Language

with Perfect Lip


Includes Synthesys

Voice Technology

(Real Human Voices)

Overlay TalkingFaces on

Most Any Websites

Engage Via Email

Opt-ins, Buttons, Timers

& More

Boost Clicks, Leads, &

Sales Conversions

Unlimited Hosting for

Your “TalkingFaces”

Zero Technical Skills


Commercial License Is Included!

Start Using REAL Human Spokespeople and Decide How They Look, Interact, and Engage on Your Website (or Most Any Website) Today!

Get The Commercial Version And Offer This Technology To Your Clients!

We’ve Combined The “Authenticity”

A Human Spokesperson Offers;

With The “Flexibility” An Animation Offers

And Turned It Into A Video Marketing Powerhouse…

This Is...

The first video spokesperson app of its kind, where you can customize a real human face, style, interactions and more to your liking - and overlay it on most any website to create engaging welcome videos, high-converting call-to-action videos, captivating instructional videos, and much much more…

Why TalkingFaces?

It’s Simple...

Having a real life human in your videos is super important when it comes to engaging your websites’ audience. Non-real versions of humans (such as avatars) work, and offer great flexibility, but they do not invoke the same natural response a REAL Human does. If you want to make the best first impression on your website visitors, and have the greatest chance of converting those visitors – you must have a real human in your videos…

A Real Human In Your Videos Delivers Higher Engagement And Ultimately Higher Conversions Than The Alternatives...

Now You’re Asking The Questions… 

What If I Don’t Want To Be On Video?

What If I Don’t Have The Money To Hire A Spokesperson? 

What If I Want My Spokesperson To look A Certain Way?

No Worries!

You Can Even Select Greeting Styles For Your Videos!

Greetings "Play" Automatically For Instant Engagement...

Our Human Actors Can Do The Hard Work For You, And Say Exactly What You Want Them To Say.

What About The Voice Technology For Your TalkingFaces Video?

Is Text-To-Speech Built iIn?

Are Different Languages Available? 

Does The Lip-Synching Look Real?



TalkingFaces is equipped with the very best in voice technology. In fact, it includes Synthesys Technology (also used in Human Synthesys Studio). These are REAL human voices in which you can type exactly what you want them to say with stunning results.

Use the built in Google & Azure Text-to-Speech Technology for a wide variety of different male & female voices across dozens of different languages.

Use Your Brand New “Custom Made”

Human Spokesperson On Most ANY Web Page To Drive Conversions Through The ROOF!

Seamlessly Integrate Your TalkingFaces Videos On Most Any Webpage You Choose, Add buttons, Calls-To-Action, Opt-In Forms, Countdowns, Text And More!

You’re Literally Saving $1000’s Of DollarsIf You Wanted To Just Create ONE TalkingFace On Your Own

But Right Now You Can...

Create UNLIMITED TalkingFaces

Have UNLIMITED Video Hosting

Make UNLIMITED Profits (Commercial)

BOOST Viewer






SAVE Massive

Amounts of $$$

SAVE Priceless

Amounts of Time

And So Much More...

It’s ALL Possible With This Spokesperson App - And ALL FOR ONLY...

The Response To TalkingFaces Is PHENOMENAL!

Truly amazing! 

Forget spending loads of time creating and sending prospective client’s proposals. Just send them a tailored TalkingFace that you can create in minutes. 

All you need to do is create a TalkingFace, send it with the URL overlay option with their website URL for them to see it straight away in action, on their website. 

Truly amazing and also my favorite feature. 

This is one of those pieces of software that comes along that you know instantly can make money. We will be using this for the launch of our new media company in the new year, NAYBO MEDIA to introduce our new business in the market.

Kevin Butler

TalkingFaces is a very powerful tool for anyone that wants to get the message across to their customers. You can make an intro to your application\offer and tell a little bit about what you have to sell to your prospective new customers.  

With the CFA option, you can add many types of forms to retain types of information from your customer to make the transaction smoother. And get the job done. 

With their other product “Human Synthesys Studio" they make a perfect match to get your message across to all your customer’s. I strongly suggest you investigate this application (TalkingFaces).

Paul Bartell

Look Just How Easy It Is To Create A TalkingFace & Have It On A Website In MINUTES

All It Takes Is A Simple


Step #1

Select A Human & Style

Step #2

Choose From 20 Human Voices and 254 Google and Azure Voices

(All Languages Included)

Step #3

Edit Your Call to Action/Coutdown/Settings

Step #4

Change Facial Characteristics

From Different Faces

Step #5

Enter Your Landing Page URL

Now Watch It

All In Motion...

Imagine Creating Spokesperson

After Spokesperson That Quickly...

Now Imagine ALL The Ways You Can Use Them!

The Opportunity Is Limitless…

Welcome Videos, Lead Capture Videos, Call-To-Action Videos, Informational Videos And More…

Use Them On Other Websites, For Affiliate Offers, And More…

Use TalkingFaces To Increase Viewer EngagementAnd Conversions For Every Type Of Business,

And Organization, Across EVERY Niche!

Can you imagine having this type of technology in your tool chest for your own business, or better yet,  to offer it as a service to clients?

Everyone is looking for ways to use REAL HUMANS on their websites and in their videos - and it’s been a major challenge until now!

And Remember, TalkingFaces

Includes A Commercial License!

Everything you see on this page can be offered to your own clients for profit!

Charge $100’s of dollars to create TalkingFaces for others and keep 100% of the profits. You’ll be one of the first ones to be able to offer this type of technology to businesses and organizations in need of REAL HUMAN Spokespeople on their websites!

TalkingFaces is an AMAZING new software for creating animated spokespeople with synching mouth movement. Type what you'd like them to say, choose from a list of real human voices, choose from many languages, and get an incredibly real looking, sounding, moving person! 

It also has the ability to swap faces, using the provided library of faces, or upload any face of your own! I've been using it in Beta, and I absolutely LOVE this software.

Ken Strain

TalkingFaces is amazing. It lets you create customized, interactive, Talking Faces to put on your websites or funnels. I’m a non-technical person and this software is so amazingly easy, even for me, to use. As easy as 123. 

Choose a TalkingFace Talent, apply a title, script, and call to action, and create!

Daniel Wentworth

We’ve Included These Additional


Worth $1,000s To Get Even More Results With TalkingFaces...

Bonus #1

ShortTracz - Your Custom Domain Link Shortener - ( Value $297 )

This powerful Link Shortener app allows you to use your own domain to create redirect links. 

Most email providers recommend using your own domain links to increase your sender reputation which will boost your clicks.


Some of the features include:

- Geo-targeting & Device Targeting System

- URL Validation & reCaptcha

- Full-Featured Admin Panel

- Anonymous User History

- Splash & Overlay Pages

- Team Feature

And much more. 


Team Todd created this very special bonus for you.

Bonus #2

High Paying Clients Acquistion Cheatsheet - ( Value $197 )

This proven cheatsheet will reveal the steps you need to take in order to close High-Ticket Clients, without wasting your precious time on unqualified leads.

Bonus #3

150+ Free Online Marketing Tools - ( Value $97 )

There are dozens of free online marketing tools out there that aren’t worth the time that it takes to test them. Therefore we’ve personally curated a list of 150+ FREE Online Marketing Tools that will help you take your business to the next level.

Bonus #4

Personal Branding Secrets In 2021 - ( Value $197 )

A Personal Brand allows you to change the way that you do your business. Don't miss out on a ton of opportunities. Find out how to create your Personal Brand in this guide.

Bonus #5

400+ Power Words To Transform Your Marketing Strategy Today - ( Value $47 )

Power Words move people to ACTION! They will click, share, buy, and even get emotional!

Use this List of 400+ Power Words to pull people into your sales page, headline, or ad and increase your business and sales!

Start Using REAL Human Spokespeople and Decide How They Look, Interact, and Engage on Your Website (or Any Website) Today!

Get The Commercial Version And Offer This Technology To Your Clients!



Here Is A Quick Recap Of

Everything You Get Today!

No Reface/Faceswap Feature

6 TalkingFaces (Humatars)

5 Human Voices

No Credits Required

Unlimited Videos

Up To 1,000 Characters Per Video


Asked Questions

Q) Can We Remove The TalkingFaces Brand And Add Our Own Logo?

A) The option to remove the TalkingFaces logo is available with OTO3 - Enterprise.

Q) I Am Non Technical! Can I Use This?

A) Yes! TalkingFaces is Newbie Friendly. No special skills, no learning curve required... We have step-by-step training videos that cover all aspects of the software to get you started right.

Q) What Is "TalkingFaces"?

A) TalkingFaces is a cloud based "Humatar" video creation software. It uses real humans, real human voices, and text-to-speech software to create high quality REAL spokespeople that say whatever you type. You can OVERLAY these spokespeople on most any website. 

Q) Will This Work On Mac And PC?

A) Yes! TalkingFaces is 100% cloud based and works on any operating platform on any internet connected device. It runs inside your internet browser so you can access it on any computer with an internet connection. Nothing to install; Nothing to update.


NOTE: By PURCHASING this software or RECEIVING IT as a PRIZE, YOU are LEGALLY AGREEING that you will NOT use the Humatars, the voices, or the videos from this software, TalkingFaces By Synthesys, for the purposes of endorsement or impersonation, or for any purposes where it may be deemed unethical, immoral, or illegal. You also agree not to use these in any "blackhat" type sites.

You fully acknowledge that TalkingFaces By Synthesys is not responsible nor liable for content generated through this voice skin or videos.

By PURCHASING this software or RECEIVING IT as a PRIZE, you FULLY UNDERSTAND that you can be PUNISHED BY LAW if you create and distribute fake news, false information, defamatory or foul content.

Copyright © All rights reserved.

Terms & Conditions     Privacy Policy     Disclaimer     Support


Bengali (India)

Bulgarian (Bulgaria)

Catalan (Spain)

Czech (Czech Republic)

Cantonese (Hong Kong)

Chinese (Hong Kong)

Chinese (Mandarin)

Croatian (Croatia)

Danish (Denmark)

Dutch (Belgium)

Dutch (Netherlands)

English (Australia)

English (Canada)

English (India)

English (South Africa)

English (United Kingdom)

English (United States)

Estonian (Estonia)

Filipino (Philippines)

Finnish (Finland)

French (Belgium)

French (Canada)

French (France)

French (Switzerland)

German (Austria)

German (Germany)

German (Switzerland)

Greek (Greece)

Gujarati (India)

Hebrew (Israel)

Hindi (India)

Hungarian (Hungary)

Indonesian (Indonesia)

Irish (Ireland)

Italian (Italy)

Japanese (Japan)

Korean (South Korea)

Latvian (Latvia)

Lithuanian (Lithuania)

Malaysia (Malay)

Maltese (Malta)

Mandarin (China)

Marathi (India)

Norwegian (Norway)

Polish (Poland)

Portuguese (Brazil)

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Russian (Russia)

Slovak (Slovakia)

Slovenian (Slovenia)

Spanish (Argentia)

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Spanish (United States)

Swahili (Kenya)

Swedish (Sweden)

Tamil (India)

Telugu (India)

Thai (Thailand)

Turkish (Turkey)

Ukrainian (Ukraine)

Urdu (Pakistan)

Vietnamese (Vietnam)

Welsh (United Kingdom)

Q) Is There A Limit On Videos I Can Render?

A) No! You may create unlimited TalkingFaces videos. On either option, Personal or Commercial, you can type up to 1,000 characters on each video.

Q) Is This A One Time Fee?

A) Yes! TalkingFaces Personal or Commercial is a one time fee.

Up To 10 Faces For Reface/Faceswap

10 TalkingFaces (Humatars)

20 Human Voices

30 Greetings (10 TalkingFaces x 3 Greetings Each)

No Credits Required, Unlimited Videos

Up To 1,000 Characters Per Video

Coupon Code 'TFSALE' For $30 Off $97!

Instantly Add TalkingFaces Videos Via Instant URL Integration On Most Any Website!

Instantly Add TalkingFaces Videos Via Embed Code Integration On ANY Website That You Own Or Have Access To!

Drive Clicks With Calls-To-Action Buttons!

Collect Leads With Opt-In Forms!

Add Scarcity With Countdown Timer! (Play Video To Start Timer)

Welcome Message

About Us Example

Lead Capture Example

Call-To-Action Example

Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing

Fashion Brand

Ecom Store



Personal Use Only

Commercial License - Sell To Your Clients

Bonus #6

Influencer Scripts - How To Reach Out To Influencers So They Can't Say No - ( Value $67 ) 

We reached out to hundreds of marketing experts and compiled a list of exclusive scripts for creating compelling content. Every script came from direct communication with these experts, and the content we created was seen and shared with some very influential marketers.

Bonus #7

Logo Creator App - ( Value $97 )

Create pixel perfect logos for your or your client's business within seconds. Simply enter the name of the business and choose from thousands of variations. Then download the HQ version of your logo along with vector files. It's that easy.

Bonus #8

Facebook Ads Video Training Course - ( Value $297 )

Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business. But one can lose a lot of money if the ads are not done right.

This video training course will show you how to set up your Facebook Ads properly; find the data about what your audience wants; the best way to approach them; how to create ads that appeal to the right person; the right image to use; and so much more!

Introduction to FB Ads

Paid Traffic Mindset

Who Are You Targeting?

FB Insights

Creating an Avatar Profile

Important Ad Rules

The Pixel

Ad Campaigns

TalkingFaces Personal
TalkingFaces Commercial

A Low One-Time Price $97  

Use Coupon 'TFSALE' For $30 Off!

Use Coupon 'TFSALE' For An 

Additional $30 Off !

A Low One-Time Price $97 

Use Coupon 'TFSALE' For $30 Off!

A Low One-Time Price $97 

Last Chance (Extended)!